Site History

Cameron Diaz Fan was created in November/December of 2006, by me, Filip. After browsing the web for good fansites about the lovely and fantastic actress Cameron Diaz, I wasn’t able to find any well-updated sites so I decided to start a fansite of my own. After all, I’ve been a fan of Cameron ever since I first saw her in The Mask and then Charlie’s Angels. I’ve also always thought that she seems to have a great, fun and bubbly personality which really has gotten my attention. She’s always really funny when interviewed.

I first opened my own fansite on December 8 of 2006, but I had to close it due to a huge lack of time to update the site at that time. I didn’t loose any interest in Cameron when it was closed, and I felt that I had to re-open my site. So in May, 2007, I started to build the site again, this time at the URL In late May I opened the site and was once again focusing on making it the best resource for everything about Cameron Diaz.

Then, in the fall of 2008, I experienced some difficulties with my then-current host. Therefore, I chose to move and since I didn’t own my domains ( & I had no choice but to move to a brand new domain as well. Luckily, I managed to snag, and here we are. Once again focusing on one of my absolute favorite actresses and Hollywood personalities – Cameron Diaz. 

Due to my old domains being used, I chose to rename this site to Cameron Diaz Online (still on!) to stop visitors from being confused over the fact that there were two Cameron Diaz Fan-sites on the web.