‘Shrek the Third’ Tokyo events

Today, Cameron attended the press conference as well as the premiere for Shrek the Third in Tokyo, Japan. She looked smashing in both a golden dress and golden shoes at the premiere, and casually pretty at the press conference. I’ve added a total of 197 205 286 photos from the events. Access the albums by clicking on the previews or links below, as usual.

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• ‘Shrek the Third’ Tokyo Premiere
• ‘Shrek the Third’ Tokyo Press Conference

Maxim Hot 100 of 2007 scan!

The Hot 100 issue of Maxim has hit the stands, and thanks to Mycah I can provide you with an exclusive scan! Cameron came at #19 on the list, and the picture is from the photoshoot Cameron did for W Magazine last year, still, she looks absolutely smoking! One of my all-time favorite photos of Cameron. Click on the preview to the right to see it in full size. The small feature on her reads like this:

There’s something about this 34-year-old former model that we just like. Maybe it’s her goofball smile, or her gregarious personality, or the way she rakes in a whopping $20 million per movie. (Ranked by Forbes as the 15th-richest woman in entertainment, her net worth is estimated at $75 million.) But we mainly like her for her body. Hey, Mom told us honesty was the best policy.

‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’ DVD Captures

More than 1,400 DVD captures have been added from Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and its extras. Cameron reprises her role as Natalie Cook. She’s once again starring alongside Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu as the angels. This sequel also has appearances by Luke Wilson & Matt LeBlanc from the first one, as well as some new faces such as Demi Moore and Bernie Mac. Click on the previews or links below to see all the captures.

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• DVD Captures
• DVD Extras – Designing Angels: The Look of Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle
• DVD Extras – Dream Duds: Costuming an Angel
• DVD Extras – Full Throttle: The Cars of Charlie’s Angels
• DVD Extras – Learn why: There’s no such thing as a ‘short shot’…
• DVD Extras – Rolling with the Punches
• DVD Extras – Rolling with the Punches
• DVD Extras – XXX-Treme Angels

‘Shrek the Third’ Taipei Premiere

Today in Taipei, Taiwan, Cameron attended the premiere of Shrek the Third, looking great in a lovely dark-blue top, dark jeans and golden shoes. I’ve added the first 17 23 HQs from the event, if more photos show up, I’ll post them. Click on the photos or link below to see all the pictures. I’ve also added some new affiliates to the site. Stay tuned for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle-captures.

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• ‘Shrek the Third’ Taipei Premiere

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